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Devil's Advocate Dies...
August 15, 2013
by John Vink
Jacques Vergès dies at the age of 88.

Among many other historical figures he was the lawyer for Khieu Samphan, ex Khmer Rouge leader, currently being tried at the ECCC (Extraordinary Chambers at the Courts of Cambodia).

As a reminder: '30 Years for a Trial', the e-book for the iPad is available HERE at the iBookstore on iTunes.

'30 Years for a Trial' is both a report on the trial of Duch, the infamous director of S21, a Khmer Rouge interrogation centre where 15,000 people were tortured and killed, and a photographic reflection on the difficulty of photographing the Cambodian genocide. With texts by Robert Carmichael and photographs by John Vink it gives some graphical insight and background information on what may well be the only Khmer Rouge to be sentenced by the ECCC.