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IdeasTap meets Magnum: AGM Zine
August 19, 2013
by London Office
Back in June, we held our Annual General Meeting at the London offices of our educational partners, IdeasTap. Since 2010, IdeasTap and Magnum have worked together to provide opportunities, funding and mentoring for new photographic talent.

The Magnum AGM, which takes place every year in late June, is an extraordinary event, where we bring together every living Magnum member and the agency’s international staff to discuss business and vote on whether to accept new members.

During the 2013 AGM we gave IdeasTap members exclusive access to our photographers via workshops, portfolio reviews and events. Through our Interview Magnum brief, IdeasTap members had the chance to put their questions to interview 12 photographers: David Hurn, Larry Towell, Alex Webb, Moises Saman, Jonas Bendiksen, Thomas Dworzak, Bieke Depoorter, Richard Kalvar, Thomas Hoepker, Alec Soth, Nikos Economopoulos and Peter van Agtmael.

The result is IdeasTap meets Magnum – a one-off online zine, in which some of our world renown photographers give an insight into their motivations, career paths and creative processes, and share their advice for young photographers just starting out. Find out how Moises Saman’s approach to conflict photography has matured over the years, what the most difficult photograph David Hurn ever took is, why Peter van Agtmael thinks photography students shouldn’t listen too closely to their teachers – and much, much more.