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Magnum Showcase:Territory
September 12, 2013
by London Office
Magnum's monthly competition Magnum Showcase, run in collaboration with IdeasTap, is an opportunity for young photographers to have their portfolio's critiqued by a Magnum photographer or senior staff member. That work is then shown on Magnum & IdeasTap's websites.

Photographers were invited to submit portfolio's to the theme 'Territory' to win written feedback from Magnum London's Cultural Director, Sophie Wright.

The winning photographer is Nicholas White, whose successful project can be viewed here:

The photographs belong to a larger series which examines the way in which Dartmoor is utilised for the training of our Armed Forces. Embracing the infrastructure as part of Dartmoor’s cultural heritage, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the environmental impacts inherent with military practices, the body of work invites the viewer to consider the ways in which the Ministry of Defence use our natural spaces and encourages them to draw their own conclusions about the politics of such uses, with relation to conservation, public access, land ownership and national defense.

You can apply for our next Showcase judged by Magnum photographer Mark Power to the theme of Suburbia now: