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Patrick Zachmann
French, b. 1955 (Member)
Join Magnum photographer Patrick Zachmann for a 5-day intensive workshop designed to develop your photographic skillset, in collaboration with Light Society.

Shanghai from November 27th – December 1st 2017, at the Fosun Art Centre

To celebrate Magnum’s 70th Anniversary, Patrick Zachmann will lead a 5 day workshop in Shanghai this November, in partnership with Light Society.

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Oct 16, 2017
On assignment to document Dubai for Air France Magazine, Patrick Zachmann photographed the kaleidoscopic colors and attractions of the rapidly rising metropolis.

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Jul 19, 2017
A group of religious leaders have been traveling through Europe on a “Muslim March Against Terrorism,” visiting sites of recent attacks and speaking out against the violence. On Tuesday, July 11, Patrick Zachmann photographed the group as it stopped in front of the Bataclan and Hyper Cacher supermarket, both sites of terrorist attacks in France in 2015. Franco-Tunisian Imam Hassen Chalghoumi and Franco-Jewish... More...
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Apr 14, 2017
On April 8th 2017, Patrick Zachmann photographed a demonstration against French laws that impose heavy fines on anyone caught patronizing prostitutes. The protesters say that these laws have worsened the working and living conditions of sex workers, and called for their immediate repeal. The demonstration was attended by groups of Nigerian and Chinese women, as well as transgender activists, who wore... More...
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Mar 24, 2017
Colombian emeralds are known for being the most beautiful in the world and as such, it’s commonplace to see them embellishing fine pieces of jewelry in Europe and North America, alongside diamonds and other precious stones. Their exploitation however, is less shiny as the stones’ brilliance outshines violence, war, poverty, luck and misfortune.

Photographer Patrick Zachmann wanted to explore the story... More...
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Nov 16, 2016
"On the evening of November 13th 2015, I was in a restaurant on Republique square in Paris. The dinner was about to finish when I heard police sirens. Too many for being a routine operation. I immediately thought that something unusual was happening. I ended up in front of the Bataclan. There was a frightening silence, interrupted by the loud noise of shootings. No one could imagine the horror that... More...