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Patrick Zachmann
French, b. 1955
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Mar 24, 2017
Colombian emeralds are known for being the most beautiful in the world and as such, it’s commonplace to see them embellishing fine pieces of jewelry in Europe and North America, alongside diamonds and other precious stones. Their exploitation however, is less shiny as the stones’ brilliance outshines violence, war, poverty, luck and misfortune.

Photographer Patrick Zachmann wanted to explore the story... More...
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Nov 16, 2016
"On the evening of November 13th 2015, I was in a restaurant on Republique square in Paris. The dinner was about to finish when I heard police sirens. Too many for being a routine operation. I immediately thought that something unusual was happening. I ended up in front of the Bataclan. There was a frightening silence, interrupted by the loud noise of shootings. No one could imagine the horror that... More...
Nov 2, 2016
The Confrérie des Charitables de Saint-Eloi of Béthune (The Charitable brotherhood of Saint-Eloi de Bethune) is one of the oldest brotherhoods in France. Founded in 1188 during a devastating plague, two farriers, Germon and Gauthier, who claim to have met on Saint Eligius’ will, founded a charity to assist the poor, care for the sick and bury the dead.
The Charitables of today take care of the funerals... More...
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Nov 2, 2016
Patrick Zachmann was at Trocadero square and on the Champs-Elysées in Paris on the evening of October 20th where police officers from Paris and suburbs gathered to protest for the third night in a row. These unauthorized rallies were provoked by the attack on October 8th, of a police patrol car by a group of 15 robbers known to target motorists at a traffic junction in Viry-Chatillon, outside of Paris.... More...
Nov 2, 2016
Patrick Zachmann has received the prestigious Nadar Prize for his latest book, "So Long, China", edited by Xavier Barral.
For over thirty years, Patrick Zachmann has traveled across China, a country he discovered in 1982 while reporting on the Chinese film industry. From Hong Kong triads in the 1980’s to the mutation of the city of Beijing through Tiananmen Square protests, "So Long, China" brings... More...