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Peter van Agtmael
American/Dutch, b. 1981 (Member)
Lebanon is witnessing its biggest protests for fifteen years, with huge crowds marching in anger at corruption and the cost of living. The protests were triggered by a tax on WhatsApp voice calls, that the government quickly ditched, and leads to the resignation of prime minister Saad Hariri after reaching 'Dead End' in resolving anti-government protests which has paralyzed the country for nearly Read full story
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Mar 27, 2019
The 2015 death of suspect Freddie Gray at the hands of police officers caused public outrage and prompted a reassessment of the Baltimore Police Department's doctrines. Many residents of the city's high-crime and predominately African-American neighborhoods had long criticized the BPD's posture of an occupying army in enemy territory. In 2016 the US Department of Justice accused the BPD of racial discrimination... More...
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Jul 31, 2018
Two Palestinian teenagers were killed on Saturday July 14th, Gaza health officials have said, in one of more than 40 air strikes carried out in Gaza by the Israeli military since Friday.
Speaking about the airstrikes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "Israel has carried out its biggest attack against Hamas militant targets in Gaza since the war in 2014". The attacks come amid an escalation... More...
Mar 15, 2018
Take your project one step further and find ways to distribute your work

Take your photographic project to the next level and discover new ways to distribute your work across various streams under guidance of award-winning photographer Peter van Agtmael and key professionals, with Magnum and LensCulture in Amsterdam.
This workshop will lead students to fully develop their portfolios with distribution... More...
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Mar 6, 2018
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon was the site of protests in 2016 after two cowboys were sentenced to prison for arson. Ammon Bundy, a rancher from Nevada, lead 300 demonstrators opposed to federal ownership of public lands through the town of Burns and a splinter group occupied the Malheur refuge’s headquarters for 41 days. One of the occupiers was shot and killed by government agents... More...
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Feb 13, 2018
Open to female veterans of the US military, the annual Ms. Armed Forces event is a beauty pageant, talent competition, test of physical strength, and measures the participants’ commitment to raising money for homeless women veterans and their children. Now in its sixth year, the pageant gives participants the opportunity to embrace the femininity they had to shed during their time in the military.... More...