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Martin Parr
British, b. 1952 (Member)
There is no better artist than Martin Parr to conjure up the contemporary world and depict tourism practices in the system of globalization. In his series Life’s a Beach, Martin Parr deals with the subject matter in a humorous fashion and the utmost tenderness in countries as diverse as Brazil, Japan, Great Britain, Spain and Australia.

In the same vein, he has written a new chapter during a summ Read full story
Jul 20, 2016
The English social season runs between Easter and August 12th, comprising of a number of social and sporting events. The season originated as a way to keep the social elite entertained while Parliament was sitting, and ended just as grouse shooting began. Today tickets are more widely available, and dress codes have been relaxed, but the events are still heavily steeped in tradition.

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Jun 1, 2016
A book of Martin Parr's Vienna work released to coincide with his 2016 exhibition at the Anzenberger Gallery. A simultaneous exhibition of Parr's older black and white work will be up at the Kunst Haus Wien.

The book explores the know cliches of Vienna - the balls, the patisseries and the tourists. Martin photographed 5 of the 36 balls that make up the "ball season" in Vienna - the highest concentration... More...
Jun 1, 2016
On occasion of the exhibition at Kunsthaus Vienna, the Anzenberger Gallery will show Martin Parr's 'Early Black and White Works'. Pictures from series such as 'Bad Weather', 'A Fair Day' and 'The Non-Confirmists' are included in this exhibit. These images, taken in the 70s and early 80s, predate his 'Last Resort' project which launched a period of vigorous revival in European photography, and the mode... More...
Jun 1, 2016
(From Kunst Haus Wien:)

Martin Parr (*1952) is one of the most renowned photographers worldwide. The “chronicler of our times” made his international breakthrough in the mid-1980s with his series Last Resort showing British beach holiday scenes. His “terribly beautiful pictures” have since influenced countless photographers in the fields of documentary photography and street photography.

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May 13, 2016
Kunst Haus Wien (Vienna, Austria) presents from June 3 to November 2, 2016 the exhibition "Photographic Journey" by Martin Parr.

The exhibition provides a profound insight into Parr’s oeuvre. Parr, who has been totally committed to colour photography since 1982, directs our view to the rather odd and absurd aspects of everyday life and exposes these, often resulting in the amusement of the viewers.

KUNST... More...