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Martin Parr
British, b. 1952 (Member)
There is no better artist than Martin Parr to conjure up the contemporary world and depict tourism practices in the system of globalization. In his series Life’s a Beach, Martin Parr deals with the subject matter in a humorous fashion and the utmost tenderness in countries as diverse as Brazil, Japan, Great Britain, Spain and Australia.

In the same vein, he has written a new chapter during a summ Read full story
Jan 29, 2018
An exhibition of Martin Parr’s travel and holiday documentary photographs opens in Germany

"Martin Parr is a chronicler of our age. In the face of the constantly growing flood of images released by the media, his photographs offer us the opportunity to see the world from his unique perspective. At first glance, his photographs seem exaggerated or even grotesque. The motifs he chooses are strange,... More...
Jan 23, 2018
Martin Parr’s seaside work comes to Spain

Martin Parr’s exhibition Life’s a Beach comes Huelva, south of Spain, at the occasion of the photography festival Latitudes.

Martin Parr has been photographing beach life over many decades, documenting all aspects of this tradition including close ups of sun bathers, swimming dips and picnics in the UK as well as in countries as far apart as China, Argentina... More...
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Oct 16, 2017
For more than 25 years Martin Parr has been taking photographs in Scotland. From the streets of Glasgow to an island agricultural show in Orkney, Parr has built a huge archive of photographs. This body of work - Parr’s largest previously unpublished archive - weaves together some of the expected visual iconography of Scotland, such as highland games and stunning landscapes, but all with the Parr twist... More...
Oct 13, 2017
Magnum photographers Olivia Arthur and Martin Parr have been commissioned by Hull UK City of Culture to create their own, unique portrait of the evolving city.

Martin Parr has explored the rich culinary culture of Hull and Olivia Arthur, the creativity of the young people of the city. Collectively, these two series of work, on display for the first time in the exhibition Hull, Portrait of a City,... More...
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Oct 2, 2017
Oxford is a collection of 118 full colour photographs documenting an academic year in the life of the University. They capture the day-to-day life of the colleges and University at work and play, and the colourful and arcane rituals that make it so distinctive. Oxford by Martin Parr (with an afterword by Simon Winchester) is released on 7 September 2017 by Oxford University Press.
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