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Steve McCurry
American, b. 1950
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Nov 2, 2016
Sharbat Gula, the “Afghan Girl” who’s iconic portrait by Steve McCurry appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985, has been arrested in Pakistan for fraud. Authorities claim that Gula had applied for an ID card using a false name, possibly to work-around Pakistan’s computerized database and/or to help two other Afghan refugees who she claimed were her sons. If found guilty, she could face... More...
Featured Essays
Sep 28, 2015
By Paul Theroux with photographs by Steve McCurry

Paul Theroux has spent fifty years crossing the globe, adventuring in the exotic, seeking the rich history and folklore of the far away. Now, for the first time, in his tenth travel book, Theroux explores a piece of America — the Deep South. He finds there a paradoxical place, full of incomparable music, unparalleled cuisine, and yet also some of the... More...
Jul 2, 2015
This retrospective is a collection of sublime portraits, landscapes, and street photography taken by Steve McCurry over the last 27 years. Children and shepherds, warriors and labourers are presented alongside striking views of sandstone cities, mountainous landscapes, and ancient temples. Included in the exhibition are several unpublished images as well as images taken during his most recent trips... More...
Nov 5, 2014
“A landscape might be denuded, a human settlement abandoned or lost,
but always, just beneath the ground lies history of preposterous grandeur. . .
They are everywhere, these individuals of undaunted humankind,
irrepressibly optimistic and proud.
- The Carpet Wars, Christopher Kremmer More...
Oct 21, 2014
The women came from different countries with the same dream:
to leave behind the poverty of their villages.
But instead of working as domestic help, they found themselves in a kind of prison,
employed by people who treated them like something less than human.
One was stabbed with a knife, another doused in boiling water, another raped and jailed.

- Karen Emmons More...