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Mikhael Subotzky
South African, b. 1981
Oct 24, 2017
From photographing presidents Barack Obama & Donald Trump to his intimate documentation of his wife and children, Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson is one of the most accomplished contemporary portrait photographers. In this discussion, Curator of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, Sabina Jaskot-Gill joins Christopher Anderson to explore what makes a compelling photographic portrait.... More...
Nov 22, 2017
Seminal work by the late photographer goes on show in Buenos Aires

A penchant for the vagabond’s life, a profound desire to be in the world and in the purity of the act led Sergio Larrain to become a photographer. Nevertheless, Larrain spent the greatest part of his existence in seclusion, practicing meditation, yoga, writing and drawing. He has left a brilliant body of work behind, like a meteorite... More...
Nov 22, 2017
Three Magnum photographers feature in a group show for Nikon

The exhibition "Leben 24/7 - 100 Jahre Nikon" presents a selection of Nikon photographs from the from important photographers and photojournalists, and demonstrates how the camera itself became a legend.

Including reports, documentations, pictorial icons and conceptual series: the exhibition, which was created in collaboration with the... More...
Nov 22, 2017
A career-spanning exploration of the work of the Magnum co-founder

John Steinbeck once wrote that his friend Robert Capa knew that "you cannot photograph war, because it is largely an emotion." However, continued Steinbeck, "he did photograph that emotion by shooting beside it. He could show the horror of a whole people in the face of a child."

This exhibition shows a selection of Robert Capa's... More...
Nov 22, 2017
On the occasion of Magnum’s 70th anniversary Magnum Retold celebrates the powerful legacy of documentary storytelling throughout the agency's history through to the present day. Retold is a series that reflects both the importance and beauty of stories shot by Magnum’s earliest photographers and their ongoing resonance not only for Magnum photographers but for all of us in today’s fast-changing world.... More...