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Olivia Arthur
British, b.1980
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Jan 6, 2017
In India, only 10% of the female population use sanitary pads, with the vast majority using an unhygienic rag - western-branded sanitary towels still cost more than a day's grocery for most people. This fact, allied to the issue of the menstruel cycle is a taboo subject, led Arunachalam Muruganantham, a metal worker by trade, to use his innovative skills to find a more hygienic solution for the vast... More...
Jun 11, 2015
The Magnum Workshop Shanghai is an exciting new photographic development opportunity for regional and international photographers and marks Magnum’s first official presence in mainland China.

Produced in conjunction with Magnum’s image licensing agent, Imagine China, this five-day program will guide and encourage photographers in refining visual narratives in the Magnum tradition of documentary storytelling.

Led... More...
Magnum News
Jun 2, 2015
Magnum Print Room 22 May to 31 July 2015.

This new project by Olivia Arthur takes as its starting point a shipwreck that happened in 1961 and traces the footsteps of a fictional survivor through the modern city.

On 6 April 1961 the MV Dara, a ship carrying passengers between India, Pakistan and the Gulf, sunk just off the port of Dubai. An estimated 238 people lost their lives. But some bodies were... More...
May 30, 2012
This estate in Hackney is due to be pulled down this year and replaced with new apartments. The last part of it was finished in 1952 meaning it has been around exactly as long as the Queen has been on the throne... More...