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Paolo Pellegrin
Italian, b. 1964
Sep 21, 2016
For the last 14 years Paolo Pellegrin has documented the turbulent and historic times that scarred many nations of the Arab world since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, through the so called 'Arab Spring' to the present day battles and rise of ISIS. This portfolio concentrates on the conflicts, the power struggles, and the devastation that befell the people of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iraqi... More...
Magnum News
Apr 26, 2016
Paolo Pellegrin was awarded the Immersive Storytelling prize from World Press Photo with Desperate Crossings, a story he did last summer with writer Scott Anderson for New York Times Magazine.
In late July 2015 Paolo Pellegrin boarded an MSF (Doctors Without Borders) ship, the Bourbon Argos, tasked with intercepting migrant-packed vessels originating from Libya bound for Europe.
Eritrean migrants were... More...
Mar 17, 2016
First solo exhibition of renowned Italian Magnum photographer, Paolo Pellegrin, in Hong Kong, offering an interesting, rare and attractive glimpse of award winning actors and actresses behind the scene, and portraits of remarkable individuals who are movers and shakers inspiring millions around the world. Instead of the off-guard, gotcha paparazzi style photos or studio commercial setting images we... More...
Featured Essays
Jan 25, 2016
In 2014, Paolo Pellegrin got exceptional access to a group of Salafists in Egypt. These pictures account for their everyday lives and traditions, that few outsiders have experienced before.
Salafism is roughly divided in three branches. The first two are the largest ones and nonviolent, they differ in terms of political involvement. The third and smallest one are the jihadists.
The specific branch... More...
Featured Essays
Jan 14, 2016
In August 2015, Paolo Pellegrin travelled to Albania to witness an awake brain cancer surgery, performed at the department of neurosurgery of the Mother Theresa University Hospital.

Professor Henry Marsh helped pioneer this procedure, used to remove a kind of brain tumor that looks just like the brain itself. Specificity of this kind of operation is that patients have to stay conscious during the... More...