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Bruno Barbey
Seemingly classical in style, Bruno Barbey’s work holds a special place in the recent history of photography. His reportages have been widely distributed in the press and published in the most iconic magazines (Du, Camera, Time, Life, New York Times, London Sunday Times, Stern…); however, they are often overlooked in favor of his famous black-and-white essay from the early 1960s on the Italians, a Read full story
Jun 10, 2019
Trent Parke’s long-term study of an Adelaide pedestrian crossing goes on show in Magnum’s London exhibition space

The project, The Camera is God, saw Trent Parke shooting on an Adelaide pedestrian crossing, at the same time of day, every day, for nearly a year, capturing pedestrians waiting for the lights to change, bustling and jostling, yawning, fighting, shouting. Parke used a shutter release firing... More...
Jun 14, 2019
Applications are open for a unique one-year masterclass for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism in Paris, developed in partnership by Magnum Photos and Spéos Photo and Video School.

This intensive one-year program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in documentary photography and/or photojournalism, in the Magnum Photos tradition of visual storytelling.

The accredited course... More...
Jun 12, 2019
In September and October, 2018 Carolyn Drake documented the devastation caused by two of the many wildfires that swept through California during the Summer of 2018.

The Carr Fire, which occurred in Shasta and Trinity counties, was the seventh most destructive in state history. It consumed 230,000 acres of land, destroyed 1,600 structures, caused more than $1.6B in damages, and resulted in in 8 deaths.... More...
Jun 10, 2019
Join Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb for a public talk about their work

As part of a masterclass they are leading over the week-end, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb will run a public talk on June 15th at PMQ and present their individual and joint projects, including a selection from Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba and their upcoming book, Brooklyn: The City Within.

The talk will... More...
Jun 11, 2019
A five-day masterclass on personal storytelling in Beijing, in partnership with Light Society.

Join Magnum photographer Bieke Depoorter for a five-day masterclass on personal storytelling with photography.

Bieke Depoorter is a photographer who works intimately with her subjects, forming strong bonds or relationships often after chance encounters. She has also produced many projects that question... More...