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Carl De Keyzer
Belgian, b. 1958
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May 9, 2017
In Moments Before the Flood, Carl De Keyzer portrayed a Europe on the cusp of drowning, flooded due to climate change. In Higher Ground, the flood has already passed. His images show people that have fled to the high mountains, depicting a fictional world of tomorrow. A large portion of the work is irony, but it bears an uncomfortably close semblance to scientific predictions of the future.

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Apr 11, 2017
Carl de Keyzer has documented the key moments in the process of acquiring a Master Blender’s savoir-faire. The photographer took an off-the-wall perspective and offers a glimpse of a hallowed ritual for eight generations. His photographs capture the emblematic and symbolic places in the Maison Hennessy, from vineyard to cellar and Master Blender’s office to the Tasting Committee, but also show us the... More...
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Mar 15, 2016
Carl de Keyzer's book – simultaneously documentary and conceptual – explores Cuba's current transition from a Communist to a Capitalist regime, and its consequences on the population.
Carl De Keyzer announced the collapse of the Soviet regime in his series Homo Sovieticus, photographed between 1988 and September 1989, before the Berlin Wall was demolished in November 1989. Thus Carl De Keyzer is not... More...
Mar 3, 2016
The Roberto Polo Gallery will be exhibiting images from Carl De Keyzer's 2015 exploration of Cuba.

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