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Diana Markosian
b. Russia, 1989 (Nominee)
Magnum Photos and British Journal of Photography have teamed up to offer our latest programme of professional practice workshops.

Each workshop is a two-day photographic masterclass that focuses on demystifying the business of the industry, establishing a professional network of industry contacts, understanding the requirements of the market and identifying realistic routes into photographic empl Read full story
Apr 17, 2019
A girl’s quinceañera (fifteenth birthday) is a Latino coming-of-age tradition marking transition into womanhood. It is a gender specific rite of passage, traditionally showcasing a girl’s purity and readiness for marriage. Families go to great expense, often celebrating with a lavish party. The girl dresses as a princess, living out a fantasy and perceived idea of femininity. In Cuba, the tradition... More...
Mar 12, 2018
Join Magnum photographer Diana Markosian and curator and writer Charlotte Cotton for a two-day masterclass on photographic process and practice.

Magnum Photos is excited to announce a professional practice workshop in Los Angeles, taking place on Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 April 2018 as part of LA’s Month of Photography.

Led by Magnum photographer Diana Markosian and independent writer and curator Charlotte... More...
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Jan 23, 2018
After spending three and a half years in Turkey, then-15 year old Iraqi refugee Balqees, her mother and younger brother, were admitted into the US. Settling in Southern California, Balqees was suddenly forced to adapt to life as an American teenager.
On assignment for New York Magazine’s The Cut, Diana Markosian photographed Balqees and her family. Click here to read the story.

Click here to access... More...
Featured Essays
Oct 23, 2017
Between 2009 and 2013 half a million US-born childrens’ parents were arrested and deported. As of 2011, approximately 5,000 or these kids were caught between immigration and child welfare systems. Though these agencies work to reunite kids with their families, the cases can drag on for years and in the end they must choose to stay in the state they grew up in or leave the country to live with relatives... More...
Featured Essays
May 9, 2017
Year One

A Boyhood Seven Countries Later

Milad Ahkabyar, 14, is a refugee from Afghanistan. He and his family -- his father, mother, and two sisters - arrived in the cold winter months after crossing seven countries. They were in danger in Afghanistan. They had no choice but to leave. Now in Germany, they live in small room in a refugee center close to the airport. Milad and his family are still... More...