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Carolyn Drake
American, b. 1971 (Associate)
Great Salt Lake, located in northern Utah, is the western hemisphere’s largest salt water lake.
The lake’s water level has dropped almost 50% since the mid 19th century and with the decrease in volume, the salinity levels have increased - water in the north part of the lake is eight times saltier than the ocean. An important stop for migrating birds, both ecologists and hunters are worried that t Read full story
Jun 12, 2019
In September and October, 2018 Carolyn Drake documented the devastation caused by two of the many wildfires that swept through California during the Summer of 2018.

The Carr Fire, which occurred in Shasta and Trinity counties, was the seventh most destructive in state history. It consumed 230,000 acres of land, destroyed 1,600 structures, caused more than $1.6B in damages, and resulted in in 8 deaths.... More...
May 29, 2019
In 2000 the UK passed the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, which granted walkers the right to walk more or less where they pleased, regardless of who owned the land beneath them.
These images were made during a 5 day walk along part of the 84 kilometer long footpath in Nidderdale, Yorkshire. More...
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Nov 8, 2018
Anna Björkman and Douglas Hine’s anti-tech HOME project brings together artists, philosophers, community builders, improvisors, historians and poets interested in discussing and learning how to generate positive concepts of community-building. "HOME is a school where we study the mess the world is in, not as a set of discrete problems to be solved, but as a tangled and humbling predicament."
In June... More...
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Aug 7, 2018
Though active for the past 50 years, artist Mary Corse is now being popularly recognized as a key contributor to the Light and Space movement. In 2018, Corse’s work is being exhibited at Dia:Beacon, London’s Lisson Gallery, and her survey show will open at the Whitney Museum in June.
Carolyn Drake photographed Corse at her hilltop studio outside of Los Angeles.

Click here to access the images for... More...
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Jan 30, 2018
Around midnight on June 8, 2009, Laura S. and three friends were stopped near Pharr, Texas for a minor traffic infraction. The officer asked for immigration papers, but only Laura’s cousin was able to produce them. Laura spent the next six hours in custody, begging various immigration officials to let her stay. She repeatedly explained that her ex-boyfriend, Sergio H., lived in Mexico, he had previously... More...