Magnum Photos Event
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by Magnum Photographers 


May 8 - Sep 16 2018


La Fabrica

Calle Alameda 9

Madrid, 28014


Magnum photographers come to play in a Madrid exhibition curated by Martin Parr and Cristina de Middel

A new exhibition curated by Magnum photographer Martin Parr and Magnum nominee Cristina de Middel explores the myriad connotations of the word ‘Play’. From sport and leisure to music, the exhibition brings together the work of 51 Magnum photographers and features more than 180 images from the archive.

“The great thing about this word is that it can mean so many different things. If you also account for the huge variety of styles and visions of accumulated Magnum photographers the choice and range become enormous,” says Parr.

The exhibition is part of a "Carte Blanche" that PhotoEspaña has given to Cristina De Middel and one of the 6 exhibitions she is curating on the theme of ‘Players’.

Exhibition produced by Fundación Telefónica

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