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Apr 21 - Aug 29 2018



A new exhibition will examine classical antiquity through the lenses of Magnum photographers

21 April — 17 May 2018: Courtyard of the Limassol Castle
18 May — 20 June 2018: Courtyard of the Cyprus Museum, Nicosia
21 June — 25 July 2018: Courtyard of the Larnaka Castle
26 July — 29 August 2018: The Archaeological site of Kato Pafos

Celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, an initiative that aims to enhance the contribution of European cultural traditions to economy and society, a new exhibition entitled Meditations will focus on the continent’s rich archaeological heritage through the photographic works of Magnum photographers.

The European Year of Cultural Heritage aims to bring cultural heritage back to the public consciousness, and strengthen its identity.

The role of photography has often been to chronicle important historical moments, in society and the natural world. Meditations will emphasise that a photograph is no longer bound to describe an object in its reality, it can be a work of art in its own right. The exhibition explores how a photograph can create another context for these monuments and sculptures, across time and space.

The exhibition will revolve around photographic work made by Josef Koudelka, George Rodger, Nikos Economopoulos, David Seymour, Ferdinando Scianna, Herbert List, Elliot Erwitt and Micha Bar Am. Each photograph will be accompanied by a poetic quote, taken from the work of a distinguished writer.
The touring exhibition was conceived by the Department of Antiquities Cyprus in partnership with Magnum Photos.

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