Magnum Photos Event
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Jun 9 - Jun 19 2018


Galerie Joseph Turenne

116 rue Turenne

Paris, 75003


The Magnum Photos Home Exhibition will open for its third instalment in Paris. Featuring work from 16 of Magnum photographers, the show is an exploration of what home means to each participant and is a unique insight into each of their personal styles and artistic voices.

“What is ‘home’? Instinctively, the image of a peaceful haven comes to mind. A cocoon where one feels secure, loved and understood–a nurturing and forgiving space. Home is sweet, ‘home is where the heart is’. Home is family. It is a mother tongue–or multiple languages; it is comfort food and familiar faces; a beloved pet. ‘Home’ is one’s quotidian life, and domesticity: the coziness of one’s living room, sofa, TV, books and memorabilia. ‘Home’ is a set of coordinates: a house, a street, a town, a state, a country, an apartment in the city, a cottage by the sea. ‘Home’ is where we were made. A place to return to, or to escape from. To some, it doesn’t exist in the physical world any longer: it is a memory. Home is within oneself.” – Pauline Vermare, Curator, Magnum Photos, New York