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Events:Featured events
by Magnum Photographers


Jun 24 - Jul 1 2017


Museum of Modern Art

11 West 53th Street

New York, 10019

A program exploring the agency’s rich relationship to cinema through the lens of travelogues and art films, featuring artists who use moving images as an extension or counterpart to their photographic work to develop personal and auteurist storytelling.

Expanding on the agency’s transatlantic history, Beyond the Frame spotlights work centered on Africa, Latin America, the US, and Europe, from the 1960s to the present. Photojournalism, fiction, and avant-garde media are alternately at play in the diverse treatments of conflict, social
issues, and everyday moments.

With selections from the agency’s Magnum Eye (1991–93) and Magnum in Motion (2004–today) initiatives, the series also investigates the technological and artistic transition from narrative cinema to video, and finally, to contemporary creators operating in a hybrid and online media field.

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