Magnum Photos Event
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by Magnum Photographers


Nov 25 - Jan 31 2018


Nikon GmbH

Zweigniederlassung Schweiz



Two Magnum photographers feature in a group show for Nikon

The exhibition "Leben 24/7 - 100 Jahre Nikon" presents a selection of Nikon photographs from the from important photographers and photojournalists, and demonstrates how the camera itself became a legend.

Including reports, documentations, pictorial icons and conceptual series: the exhibition, which was created in collaboration with the NRW-Düsseldorf and was curated by Damian Zimmermann, explores the history and myth of the "Nikon" and its photographers. The images reflect the diverse aspects of human life: war and peace, love and pain, family and friendship, nature, glamour and sadness. It includes works by two Magnum photographers: Steve McCurry and Moises Saman.

In addition to the photographs, the exhibition also features more than 30 Nikon camera and lenses, from the dawn of camera development in the late 1940s to today. These include legendary cameras like the 1948 Nikon I, Nikon's first camera, and the 1959 F250 Nikon F, Nikon's first single-lens reflex camera with the F bayonet.

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