Magnum Photos Event
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by Jerome Sessini


Jun 25 - Oct 25 2019


Magnum Gallery

19 rue Hégésippe Moreau

Paris, France 75018

The Magnum Photographer’s work goes on show at the Magnum Paris Gallery

C’est naître qu’on n’aurait pas dû
– Louis Ferdinand Céline

For photographer Jérôme Sessini, human fate is etched into the landscape. His images, spanning fifteen years of conflict reporting, underscore the inseparable relationship between people’s lives and the space they inhabit. This union is oftentimes bonded by violence.

From the rubble-covered streets of Aleppo to the barricades of Kiev, Sessini’s images have captured the most literal representation of this violence. His incisive vision has also penetrated the dimmest corners of our society. Like a soft light, a “symbolic violence” wraps his images of the urban landscape of Detroit and the banlieue of Saint-Denis, foregrounding the nearly invisible power exerted daily by those at the top to dominate those at the bottom.

The images included in this exhibition also show the versatile quality of an artist capable of bringing his signature and underlying concerns for the photographic medium to any genre, such as fashion. Solitude and desolation are poetically brought to the fore in his images of Greece, capturing again the latent social dynamics that surrounds us.

Ultimately, Sessini’s work points to the spatial characteristics of social reproduction raising the question if we can ever free ourselves from the conditions in which we are born.

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