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December 31, 2012
by Magnum Group
I cannot find the words that describe the profound sorrow I feel in my heart since I lost my dear friend Gigi. Founder and owner of Trolley Books.
He was a one of a kind force of nature unlike any person I have ever met in my life and the life of all other friend of mine in Magnum.
In moments of doubt, I would ask myself: What would Gigi do?
The enormous archive of crazy, emotional, happy and sometimes dangerous moments we shared are memories that will never leave me. What a guy he was! A brilliant man, daring enough to live his life the way he did, with a lot of passion, conviction and loads of fun. I am so glad that he lived the way he did, what a beautiful life he had.
He touched the hearts of the many people he met and especially the photographers who he had the courage to give a voice when nobody else would. What would we have done without Gigi...
Thank you Gigi for devoting your life to this beautiful passion you had.
Besides his truly integrative vision and passion to tell the untold stories, his ability to party, and captivate the people he interacted with, he was also an incredibly good swimmer.
Here are some of the moments we shared with this crazy guy, this fantastic, fun loving, everything but ordinary man that I am proud to call a friend. we are grateful he enriched our life with his existence.
We will miss you Gigi.