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Feature - Living Among Devastation: Sinjar, Iraq
Moises Saman
The Yazidi people of northwest Iraq had been targeted by ISIL during the latter’s invasion in 2014. Fleeing their homes, they found sheltered atop Mount Sinjar the the surrounding hills.
Liberated from ISIL two years ago, the town of Sinjar remains in ruins with few residents having returned. Due to the lack of infrastructure in their former towns as well as fields of uncleared landmines, 13,000 Yazidi remain in a displacement camp atop Mount Sinjar.
Moises Saman, who documented the Yazidi’s plight in 2014 and the Kurdish offensive to retake the town, returned in March to photograph the now...
Feature - Trapped on Mount Sinjar (2014)

Moises Saman 2014

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Feature - Kurdish Offensive in Sinjar (2015)

Moises Saman

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