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Portfolio - Afghanistan: 1982-2002
Steve McCurry
In 1979, Steve McCurry went to Northern Pakistan after traveling in India for just over a year. While he was there, he came across a group of Afghan refugees who informed him of a civil war raging right over the mountain range and invited to take him in and show him this war. At the time, the Afghan army was burning and destroying villages all over this particular part of Afghanistan. Since then, McCurry has returned to Afghanistan and spent his time photographing the lives of the people who live in this turbulent land.

"To me, a place like Afghanistan is fascinating to go back to and see the...

Steve McCurry 2002

AFGHANISTAN. Band i Amir. 2002.

Steve McCurry 1992

AFGHANISTAN. Nuristan. Kamdesh. 1992. Father and daughter at...
Portfolio - McCurry, Steve


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