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Oct 24, 2016
Magnum Photos is very proud to bring for the third time in Hong Kong its popular 5 day practical and conceptual photographic workshop, led by its legendary Indian photographer Raghu Rai, with the support of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

During five extraordinary days - December 3rd to 7th, 2016 - Raghu Rai will lead a group of thirteen emerging photographers through a daily program of shooting,... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Bruce Gilden
"In 2009 I went to Detroit to photograph foreclosed homes and their owners. The work from this trip resulted in a book and a short documentary that included interviews with locals.

I recently returned to Detroit to find that in the past six years an additional 10,000 homes have been torn down. In the 1960s, Detroit’s population peaked at 1.8 million. Today, that number is less than 700,000. The city... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Carolyn Drake
Adrano "Rocky" Rontal grew up in a troubled home, in a poor city, in a rich country. As a child, he defended his mother from an abusive, drunk father. At 11, he started breaking into homes, stealing food for his family. Moving from that to stealing cars, he was sent to California Youth Authority at 15, where he learns to be a gang member. At 17 he went to prison for killing the man who sprayed bullets... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Jim Goldberg
"I photographed my daughter, Ruby, on the first day of school every year from her first day of kindergarten through her final year of college.
The beginning years were easy—a game of sorts. But as she grew older, that changed. At times it became a,“ I-hate-that-we-have-to-do-this” routine. Some years I just took one quick Polaroid. Other times, I made collages. I knew I wouldn’t capture the whole of... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Alec Soth
“She’s a criminal, she should be in jail!” said Rich Abraham, a West Virginia resident who’d erected a Hillary-for-prison banner in the town of Logan. His die-hard support for Donald Trump is emblematic of the general political feeling in the state, where many blame the Obama administration for the decline of the coal industry, long the most important industry in West Virginia. If other parts of the... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Jean Gaumy
In a secret underground location in Paris, France, an operational team is working 24/7 in crisis management rooms, ready for any exceptional catastrophe in the city. The team, trained to react to emergencies and equipped with the latest technology, have managed the operation since 2011, well before the Paris attacks of 2015. It is from this centre that all operations following the triple attacks of... More...
Oct 20, 2016
by Jean Gaumy
Since 2008, Jean Gaumy has been working on various scientific missions in the Arctic, being embedded on the scientific sailing ship Le Vagabond as well as in several BB Polar international expeditions. More...