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Unintended Journeys
January 21, 2014
by Magnum Photographers
While natural disasters remind us that humans live in relationship to the environment and are vulnerable to the unpredictable power of nature, human migrations and displacements remain long-term processes with far-reaching consequences that continue long after media attention has faded.

Unintended Journeys presents photography and film by Magnum's photographers, examining the plight of environmental refugees, especially those displaced within the last decade due to natural disasters and global climate change. The exhibition reveals the challenges these people and communities face, as well as their continued resilience in the face of adversity.

It presents a glimpse into the lives of humans displaced by global climate change and some of the most devastating natural disasters in the past decade: 2010 Haitian earthqake; 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan; Hurricane Katrina in 2005l and ongoing sea level rise in Bangladesh; and desertification in eastern Africa.

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