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In Between
February 19, 2014
by Bieke Depoorter
Since the beginning of the uprising in 2011 Egypt has been through a period of change. After 3 years of instability, economic decline and power shifts, one no longer hears the revolutionary demands of ‘Bread, Freedom, Social Justice!’ in the streets. Most of all it seems the locals long for stability and security.

The national media has once more returned to it's old strategy, using creative conspiracy theories to scare people while blaming foreign agendas for the chaos in the country. During several key moments in these years of turmoil, Bieke Depoorter was in Egypt.

Away from the politics and news of the day Depoorter searches for the quieter moments that are of course directly influenced by the larger issues. Each day she searches for places to spend a night, through the people she meets in the side streets in country lanes.

Capturing the transient, but very powerful shared moments she experiences, Bieke allows us to be part of intimate experiences with people in between two moments in history, between two days — the in-between moments.

This work is still in progress.

Ruth Vandewalle