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Announcing the 67th Annual General Meeting
April 25, 2014
by Magnum Photographers
MAGNUM PHOTOS is excited to announce that this year’s Annual General Meeting -- the collective’s 67th -- will be held in New York City from June 26-29.

The Annual General Meeting has been taking place since Magnum’s inception and exists as a truly unique event in the photographic world. It is the one time a year that Magnum’s photographers, estate representatives and staff have the opportunity to assemble under one roof and discuss collective business. Of course, it is also the one time a year photographers review submitted portfolios and vote on new membership and nomination.

There will be a program of events accompanying the meeting proceedings: Exhibitions, workshops, lectures, book signings and more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as we’ll be unveiling the details in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to June. Hope to see you there.