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Shanghai by Bruno Barbey 

November 20, 2012 
Bruno Barbey's first trip to China was in September 1973, joining French President George Pompidou on his official visit to the nation. In the 40 years since, Mr. Barbey has made numerous trips back, fascinated by the widespread changes in society since the days gone by of the Cultural Revolution during his first visits.

Today, Shanghai has become an international economic leader. From the World Expo in 2010 to the westernization of the country's youth, Bruno Barbey captures the modernity of Shanghai, juxtaposed with a vision of an earlier time.

Currently Bruno Barbey's series "China in Kodachrome 1973-1980" can be found exhibited at the Beaugeste Photo Gallery in Shanghai until February 10th, 2013.

For further information refer to his 2 books, "Shanghai" and "China in Kodachrome".