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Milano by Alex Majoli
April 10, 2013
by Alex Majoli
Photographers, like many artists of all mediums, often use their work as more than just an outlet of self-expression, but also as a vehicle for exploration of the nature of reality. Alex Majoli says that his recent body of work from Milan was born out of a concept inspired by the Luigi Pirandello quote, "Our spirit consists of fragments." It's a somewhat abstract existential sentiment, but one that is given a more concrete life when imagined as the driving notion behind Majoli's dark, cinematic modern-day street scenes. The images make moments of everyday life in Milan feel strangely fictitious, as if the subjects are actors and the buildings are two-dimensional cardboard sets. The work presents a reality as fragmented as Pirandello claims our souls to be, a reality where any semblance of authenticity exists in doubt because of that very fragmentation.