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March 8, 2013
by Martin Parr
“Liberation” is a new series of images of Guernsey’s Liberation Celebrations by internationally renowned British photographer Martin Parr. The exhibition will have its world premiere at the Guernsey Museum from 22 March to 12 May 2013.

This work has been commissioned specially by the Guernsey Photography Festival. Martin Parr will present his photographs at a reception at the Guernsey Museum, Candie Garden, on Tuesday 9 April 2013 (for details and invitations please contact:

Parr first came to Guernsey as a speaker and exhibitor at the Guernsey Photography Festival in 2011, when he fell in love with the island. His subsequent visit in May 2012 took him to all of the main Liberation Day events in Guernsey and Sark.
Parr gets close to the people he photographs, as is evident in this new work about Guernsey. He says of his work, “I often think of what I photograph as a soap opera where I am waiting for the right cast to fall into place. In more recent years I have photographed much closer where bits of people and food become part of the big picture, and one advantage of this is that it means people are less recognisable.”

The German curator Tomas Weski describes Parr as a “chronicler of our age”. Parr counters the daily barrage of images released by the media by creating extensive series of photographs that reveal to us how we live, how we choose to present ourselves to others, and what we value. Leisure, communication, and the examination of national characteristics in the context of globalisation are recurrent themes in his work. His visual language of humour, garish colours, and surprising angles has influenced a younger generation of photographers.

Born in Epsom, Surrey, UK in 1952, Parr has held exhibitions all over the world. He received the Baume et Mercier award in 2008 for his contribution to photography and in 2006 was awarded the Erich Salomon Prize for Photojournalism. He has been a member of Magnum since 1994. He curated the 2010 Brighton Photo Biennial and the New Typologies exhibition at the New York Photo Festival in 2008, and was Guest Director for Rencontres d’Arles in 2004. He is a collector of postcards, photographs and other items of popular culture.

The Martin Parr: Liberation exhibition is supported by Guernsey Museums & Galleries, Peter Neville and one anonymous donator. This is a collaboration with Magnum Photos UK.

The Guernsey Photography Festival commission international photographers to produce work for and about Guernsey. The Festival will donate eight of Parr’s prints to Guernsey to start the first collection of contemporary photographs in the island.
The Festival has also commissioned French-Slovenian photographer Klavdij Sluban to produce a body of work about Victor Hugo’s house in Guernsey. The resulting exhibition will be shown in 2014 and is being produced in collaboration with the Victor Hugo Museum in Paris.

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