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Magnum partnership with Spéos – 24 hours
November 27, 2013
The Champs Elysées is one of the most iconic streets in the world. Eighteen photographers from Spéos photographic institute coming from all around the world captured the spirit of the Champs Elysées over 24 hours. Having been given a short time to decide on a feasible project and having to put eighteen people's thoughts and ideas into consideration, was testing for the new and emerging collective.
The group decided to carry out the project on the Champs Elysées, a busy avenue in the heart of Paris which from day to night remains full of life. It's a street that is constantly evolving throughout 24 hours. It is a cycle which takes us from morning rituals, to crowds of store-hopping tourists and then into the wilder night life of the avenue. The shoot was at times difficult, with photographers facing drunk and disorderly behavIor, attempted robbery and indecisive weather conditions.
In order to document this daily rhythm, the collective decided to split the 24 hours into 6 time slots managed by 3 photographers.
The idea was to give the photographers the freedom to express their own points of view and style within the confines of one street. As a result, the final selection of images illustrates what drives them as photographers.
As for the editing, the process was made easier with each group selecting 6 of their strongest images including an image from each photographer. 4 images were then chosen to best represent that time slot.
This collective working experience was certainly interesting. Working as a team of 18 photographers was sometimes challenging with people having alternating priorities. However, the group enjoyed and appreciated this experience where the individual expression was at the service of a collective creativity.