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RIO in NYC - Book Signing with David Alan Harvey
September 21, 2012
by David Alan Harvey
Please join David Alan Harvey for a signing of his latest book (Based On A True Story) on Monday September 24th, 2012 at 6:30pm at The Bubble Lounge. 228 West Broadway, New York.

(Based On A True Story) takes you deep into David Alan Harvey's fictional night in Rio, it is myth and truth together, a visual novella of the mood and feel of the people surrounding him and the journey into his inner self.

Not just a book, it is a puzzle, a game, a story to be read many different times, in many different ways. It is his story, but it can become yours. Not only virtually, but for real. (based on a true story) is meant to be taken apart, to be deconstructed and reconstructed the way YOU see and feel it. You become part of it, along with the characters of this play.

To be spread out on the floor, to be pinned to the wall, framed, with (Based On A True Story) you can do it. It is an analogue interactive 3D experience made real.

(Based On A True Story) is solid photography. Each frame tells you what Rio feels like, roaming from the people in the favelas to those of the upper class, with respect for everyone. From the beaches up to the Corcovado, the duality of Rio is made tangible in the way the book is constructed, pictures not only standing on their own, but completing each other. Interwoven, the feelings, the story, the mood, the dream..

(Based On A True Story) is raw, sensual, sexy, bold, tender, simple and intriguing, passionate, soft, fun, subtle, hot, quiet, crazy.. it is "feel it, live it"... based on a true story..

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