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Mam Sonando trial, day 4
September 14, 2012
by John Vink
Mam Sonando's supporters are demonstrating for the 4th day in a row near the Phnom Penh Municipal Court where he and 8 more defendants are being tried for a 'secessionist movement'. Here, here and here are the photographs from the previous days...

Mam Sonando's Beehive Radio reported about a complaint to the International Criminal Court which accuses the Cambodian Government of crimes against humanity on June 25th. The following day Prime Minister Hun Sen said he should be arrested. Mam Sonando was indeed arrested on July 15th, upon his return from abroad, but was accused of instigating a 'secessionist movement' in Kratie province, in the area where a 14-year old girl was fatally shot by Cambodian soldiers during a land dispute.

Updated at 15:48
The trial is finished. Verdict on October 1st. Interestingly an important donor's meeting takes place on September 26th. Knowing the lack of independence of the Cambodian judicial system, will it influence the verdict?