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September 14, 2012
by Alex Majoli
Do images have the power to end wars and crisis? Can they rouse the world?
The exhibition “Frontline” searches for an answer to these questions by introducing photographers of the famous agency Magnum Photos.
Photographers of the younger generation, Peter van Agtmael and Alex Majoli, have witnessed contemporary conflicts, bringing us the latest pictures from Arabian countries, the uprisings against repressive governments… Today again, they are standing in the frontline.

This new generation of Magnum photographers captures unbelievable pictures from the “Arabellion” that are brought to us through the media. These photographs reflect our modern times: young Arabs with smartphones and laptops in the middle of the chaos of war, mass-rebellion organised by text messages, in a context of fear and danger.
Even though the clichés of these young Magnum photographers are to recent to be history, they are most certainly craved in our memories, as are Capa, Seymour, Rodger and Cartier-Bresson who have become icons of our shared memory.

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