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New book: Elliott Erwitt “XXL” by TeNeus Publishing
September 12, 2012
by Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt “XXL” by TeNeus Publishing

Elliott Erwitt has shot many images that have become modern masterpieces. His unparalleled visual talent captures something special that transcends the moment, making it live on and develop a life of its very own.

This limited edition gathers some of his most memorable works in a landmark collection. From his image of Marilyn in that white dress to his portrait of a dressed Chihuahua in proportion with a pair of woman’s legs and that of a Great Dane—in each instance it was Erwitt’s faultless sense of timing and his eye for the remarkable?whether a glance, a movement, or an interaction—that made the work unique.
Each of these icons is a representation of how we live, a lasting symbol of the age and its vitality, that will represent our world to future generations.

The special extra large format allows us to absorb the full power of each image.

244 pp., hardcover with jacket, clamshell box, hand-signed and numbered

157 duotone photographs

Text in English, German, and French
Book size: 39 x 53 cm
Box size: 42 x 57 cm

XXL Collector's Edition
Limited edition of 250 copies with a signed & numbered photoprint (ca. 51 x 37 cm) nestled within a finely crafted handmade portfolio.


For enquiries or to order, please email or call +0044 (0)207 490 9705.