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Magnum Professional Practice in association with IdeasTap
September 19, 2012
Conceived as a response to the ever evolving nature of the photography market, Magnum’s Professional Practice seminars deliver guidance and networking opportunities from a wide range of visual imaging professionals. With access to key individuals working across the editorial, commercial, cultural and publishing sectors, Magnum is well placed to advise the next generation on their photographic development.

During these weekend seminars, leading figures of the photographic industry deliver presentations and advice on the best means in engaging with and the realities of working in their sectors. In their professional capacities, our speakers routinely work with photographers; commissioning, selecting, editing and purchasing images for a range of purposes.

In these seminars, our industry experts pass on their knowledge to photographers wishing to further their understanding of the business of photography. We cover a variety of sectors including advertising & corporate, editorial, gallery, NGO, museum, publishing and rights management.

Professional Practice seminars fill a widening gap between academic learning and the professional world, conveying vocational knowledge unassociated with most academic curriculums. Our seminars allow emerging photographers to begin establishing a professional network, including both peer and industry contacts, and to identify realistic entry routes into employment and paid opportunities. This event is aimed a wide range of photographers at different stages of their careers: professional photographers working in a particular discourse but wanting to explore other avenues; emerging photographers who require practical, vocational training; or semi-professional photographers wishing to make the commitment to full time practice. It is also an opportunity for non-photographers interested in working within the visual arts industry to receive an overview of the wide variety of jobs available in this sector; from picture researchers, to art buyers and gallerists.

Professional Practice is run in conjunction with the creative platform IdeasTap and a number of bursaries for photographers aged under 25 years are made available.

Magnum runs Professional Practice seminars in a variety of UK locations. For details of our next event, and to read testimonals with previous participants and speakers, visit: