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Looking For America: Cowboys 'n' Indians
September 4, 2012
On the site of 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre on the present-day Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a very simple non-funded museum celebrates the Sioux war chiefs and remembers the men, women and children who were gunned down by the Seventh Cavalry, and whose remains lie buried in a mass grave nearby. The writing on the wall is a stark reminder of local sentiment.
Wounded Knee Massacre Site, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, August 2012.

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota:

-Life expectancy for men is 48 years and life expectancy for women is 52 years.
-The adolescent suicide rate is four times the United States national average.
-At least 60% of the homes are severely substandard, without water, electricity, adequate insulation, and sewage systems.
-Nearly 97% of the reservation lives below the federal poverty levels.
-Poorest county in the United States with average family income just $3,700 per year.
-Unemployment sits at almost 80%.
-The infant mortality rate is the highest on this continent and is about 300% higher than the U.S. national average.

This is the final post on Cowboys ’n’ Indians. I’d like to thank those who followed the road trip, as well as my assistants Josh Kuchens and Chloe Coleman. As stated earlier, I shot a lot of black and white film which I’m currently in the process of editing, and which you will later be able to view on this site. We at Magnum hope to also create some interesting bi-products, including postcards, calendars, an experimental music cd, and a multi-media piece. Your support will help keep documentary photography alive.

Until then----

Larry Towell