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Moises Saman Receives 2013 Leuchtturm Award
November 22, 2013
by Moises Saman
The "Leuchtturm" 2013 for extraordinary journalistic work (lighthouse 2013) is given to Magnum photographer Moises Saman and journalist Michael Obert for their exceptional reportage "im Reich des Todes" (Empire of Death) published in Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazin July 2013. The reportage sheds light on almost unknown torture camps in Sinai, where Bedouin criminals have established a system of kidnapping, and where no law or humanity reigns. The outstanding photographs by Moises Saman give witness of shocking tortures to the kidnapped people who survived. To report this story Saman and Ober travelled from the lawless Sinai Peninsula in Egypt to immigrant shelters in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, to the backstreet alleys of Cairo where recently arrived torture survivors continue to struggle as they find themselves in legal limbo, unrecognized as refugees by the Egypian authorities, and hiding in undisclosed safe houses around the city.

Moises Saman's photographs of survivors of the torture camps have also recently been published in the Sunday Times' Magazine and Norway's DN Magasinet.

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