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Same Same But Not Different...
September 27, 2013
by John Vink
A 6-hour long speech about the reforms which will be undertaken during his 5-year long mandate by Mr. Hun Sen, the new Cambodian Prime Minister who is the same as 28 years ago, have not yet started to come into effect. Some 2000 to 3000 workers from SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd., still not satisfied with the answers to their requests (see HERE for more photographs), tried to march to their Prime Minister's office but were blocked by about 500 riot police and fire trucks in an impressive show of force. Negociations between representatives of the workers and Rot Srieng, the brand new Military Police Chief of Phnom Penh resulted in a truckload of workers' representatives going to the 'Peace Palace' to talk to officials while the demonstration disbanded and the police forces retreated.