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ALI: Photographs by Thomas Hoepker at MILK GALLERY
September 19, 2013
MAGNUM PHOTOS is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated exhibition, "ALI: Photographs by Thomas Hoepker" opening at MILK GALLERY | NY, OCTOBER 1st at 7pm.

The show, which runs until October 20th, will feature iconic images of the man of many names -- "Cassius Clay", "The Greatest", "The People's Champion", "The Louisville Lip" -- but most simply known as ALI, a name that has become synonymous with greatness itself.

More than an exhibition on athletic achievement or international celebrity, ALI: Photographs by Thomas Hoepker captures what it is that made Muhammad Ali one of modern history's most captivating public personalities, a polarizing charmer who possessed a unique combination of boyish bravado, mythical power and, of course, a famously quick wit. Hoepker's images find Ali being both performative -- nobody knew how to "work the camera" better -- and utterly vulnerable, letting his guard down and exposing his private-self to a photographer he trusted.

Most of all, ALI: Photographs by Thomas Hoepker is the story of the relatable humanity that laid behind transcendent greatness. Simply put, it's a visual document of the man behind the legend.

The exhibition is open to the public, but RSVP is required to attend the opening reception. You can buy Hoepker's Ali book, CHAMP, or his Ali contact sheet print in the Magnum Store.