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They Survived 'Anonymous Bullets'...
November 14, 2013
by John Vink
The workers from SL Garment factory, specialised in various wet and dry processes for denim jeans for Levi's, Wrangler, Zara, Union Bay, J. Crew, Nautica and other famous Western brands are still on strike in front of the factory gates, blocking the road with a tent. Day before yesterday, with their social conflict in its 4th month, they marched to Hun Sen's residence to request better salaries and a string of other requests, but were stopped by riot police which used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the stone throwing crowd. One bystander was killed and several others were injured by bullets.

The police denies it shot at the crowd, saying that people got hurt by 'anonymous bullets'. For sure and until further notice the police doesn't give names to its bullets (yet). But just as certainly there are names for those policemen who could, and should, be identified. Shouldn't be too difficult a task as there is quite some footage shot by reporters and human rights observers.

One example at THIS LINK.

And because there cannot be a tragedy without its music, another example HERE (see mom, I was wearing a helmet, the orange one…)

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