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Mam Sonando not the only one condemned...
October 4, 2012
by John Vink
Besides Mam Sonando, the 71 year old Radio Beehive owner, sentenced to 20 years of prison for having masterminded a so-called secessionist movement, and 13 other co-defendants sentenced from 30 years to suspended sentences, the Cambodian judicial system is being condemned as well. Be it local Human Rights organisations like LICADHO, ADHOC, CCHR, international organisations like Human Rights Watch (download a .pdf here) or Amnesty International, they all condemn what they call a clearly politically motivated sentence which yet again indicates that the independence of the courts in 'The Kingdom of Wonder' is a far cry of what it should be. Even some foreign embassies (France, Germany, the U.S.) took a few fingers out of their diplomatic glove this time.

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All the photographs from these 5 days of trial are visible on my website.