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Magic happens!
November 5, 2012
by David Alan Harvey
“Sometimes out of nowhere souls meet on this journey through life, it’s the majic that brings you together. I am alert and aware of that! I always have something to learn and last night I learned that whatever appearance or recognitions may guard the soul has nothing to do with what lies beneath! David Alan Harvey you are an amazing soul!

abrazos, Rocio and family”

Last night I went with the Robles family to the shopping mall. A pretty routine experience I suppose, yet this mall is in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. I guess a mall is a mall, yet this was a new experience even for me with gambling tables mixed with a family window shopping spree.

I was introduced to Briseida’s boyfriend Diego, 15, who plans to join the Air Force when he finishes high school. At dinner in the mall the conversation turned to college education and its out of reach tuitions for many. Diego told me that he plans to use the military service as a way to get some college education. He will serve the country and then let them pay for at least some of his advanced education. He wants to be an architect.

Briseida, 14, says that she and her family scour the internet etc. for college scholarships and loans. She loves art. Briseida and her sister Isabella (ponytail) are A students of course. Yet the high price of American advanced education has the family very focused on how they can afford to make this an option for their children.

Rocio says that it is a vicious circle. She wishes that both she and her husband Miguel had been able to afford a higher education which then would have allowed them to perhaps have the income that would have made college easier for their daughters. Yet this family is not the complaining type. They will figure it out no doubt at all.

Are the glaring lights of the casino industry and resultant temptations any place to raise a family? Rocio says “We teach our daughters right from wrong. They see it all here in Vegas. They can easily see life’s choices right up front here. They eventually would anyway.”

As an outside observer, I would not worry much. The whole family has their head on straight. They know what is up. Like so many Mexican nationals who come to the United States to work and raise families they are a hard working bunch. They are surely an integral part of the American work force who really get down and work. The fact that life might be a bit harder for them than for some perhaps more privileged does not phase them a bit. They will just do it.

Anyone I know who has a company and is hiring would do well to check out this family. Smarter, more loyal, harder working people cannot be found.

I am not a casino gambler, but I would bet on this family for sure.

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