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Summer recipe
July 16, 2012
by Alex Majoli
Red Raw Shrimps

The Gambero Rosso del Mediterraneo, lives between 200 and 1000 m beneath the sea and eats mainly decomposed animal and vegetable organisms. It lives in the Mediterranean Sea, especially near the Sicilian coast.

This is the way I prefer to eat this amazing crustacean:
straight from the fishing boat (the product has to be super fresh), take out the bottom part of the shell and keep the body attached to the heads. Lay the red shrimps down on a plate. Add a bit of salt and sprinkle half a lemon from 40cm distance from the plate. When the lemon has dried up, add without fear extra virgin olive oil and pepper.
Wine suggestion: Dry white wine, not fruity, last night I drank Inzolia 2010 Terre di giumara.
Olive oil extra virgin suggestion : mono cultivar biancolilla from DOP monte ibleo or Nocellara from Castelvetrano