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Publishing Your Book - 2 day Loft Workshop with David Alan Harvey
May 12, 2015
by David Alan Harvey
I wanted to make a book. MY BOOK. A unique book that made people think, explore and wonder. I have been pleased to have been published by the best of trade book publishers, including NatGeo, powerHouse, and Phaidon, and for sure that is one way to go. However, getting complete control over your book is the ideal, so…I made my own book!

By the time this workshop starts my Burn team and I will have published three books of my own this year as well as new BurnBooks for two other photographers. Those whom I have mentored. Being prolific is not a goal of mine, yet a convergence of forces enveloped me and three books needed to be born. So I know what’s up out there in the land of book publishing. I seem to have a pretty good instinct for what sells, what is less likely to sell, yet popularity is not something I strive for…Quality and depth is what I am about. If popularity comes as a by product of authorship, that’s cool. Yet popularity is a bad first goal. Try to be popular and you won’t be.

This two-day workshop is all about bookmaking and the new frontier of publishing, breaking loose from the status-quo. I can show you how to present your work to the traditional publishers OR how to make your own distribution if you are so inclined.

The workshop will help you through the entire process, from fundraising for shooting your project, to editing and sequencing pictures, to choosing a title, to creating a dummy. You will learn about layout and design, about paper, binding and packaging, and how to approach a printer. How to market, distribute and sell your book. Production process from A to Z.

Some of the BurnBooks team will be present, along with guest appearances from the New York publishing world.

I teach a wide variety of classes including shooting essays and lighting. So elements of both will come into play here as well. I will try to help you blend technique, with narrative, with production. All of it. It all flows.

Requirements: Every student is expected to bring a complete body of work or a book dummy.

OCTOBER 3rd – 4th, 2015

Where: David’s Loft, Brooklyn

15 Student Limit

Tuition: $625


For more information, please contact