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Bruno Barbey
May 24, 2019
Join photographer and visual artist Rafal Milach for a 4 day creative masterclass in Beijing, in collaboration with Light Society

“A key focal point of my current artistic practice is the clash between non-heroic gestures and ostensibly neutral spaces, which are in fact set against a political background of current events. The oppressive nature of the areas I investigate is reflected in architecture,... More...
May 22, 2019
On May 15, 2019 Alabama passed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the United States, prohibiting abortion at any stage of pregnancy. Magnum Photographers have documented the national conversations around abortion rights in the decades since the landmark Roe v. Wade U.S Supreme Court case ruled in favor of upholding a pregnant woman's right to choose. More...
May 22, 2019
Austrian motor racing legend Niki Lauda has died aged 70.
He was a three-time Formula 1 world champion but also a pilot and successful businessman, who set up two airlines. He recently became a non-executive chairman for the Formula 1 Mercedes team.
He will be particularly remembered for his remarkable recovery and return to racing after being badly burned in a crash in the 1976 German Grand Prix.... More...
May 22, 2019
China’s “one-child policy” was in place from 1979 until 2005. During these years, most couples were limited to giving birth to a single child though those living in rural areas were permitted to have a second child if their first was a daughter.
This decades-long practice has resulted in a substantial gender imbalance in the population: there are many more men than women. Due to this, there’s a substantial... More...
May 17, 2019
Ieoh Ming Pei (I.M. Pei), the world-renowned Chinese American architect, has died at age of 102. Pei designed some of the 20th century's most iconic structures, include the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France, the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, The Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, and the East Wing of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.... More...