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Michael Christopher Brown
American, b. 1978
Jan 23, 2017
Magnum Photos is excited to announce a bookmaking masterclass in Los Angeles, taking place on Friday 24 & Saturday 25 February 2017.

The event is a two-day workshop centered around creating and publishing photo books – starting from the very first stages of editing a project into a book, to concept, design and printing – as well as exploring the ins and outs of self publishing versus working with... More...
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Dec 15, 2016
Located along the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Virunga National Park is Africa’s oldest national park. Originally founded by King Albert I of Belgium with the purpose of protecting mountain gorillas, the park is still a destination for scholars and enthusiasts looking to see the species in its natural habitat. Congo’s Civil Wars and poaching had negative effects on wildlife.... More...
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Oct 3, 2016
The Mbuti are one of the many pygmy groups indigenous to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently, between 30,000 and 40,000 members of the group live in the Ituri Rainforest, situated in the DRC’s north-east. Individual communities range in size from 15 to 60 people.
The Mbuti consider the forest a living entity: they refer to it as the providing “mother” or “father” and in times of crisis, will... More...
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Oct 3, 2016
Michael Christopher Brown has been traveling extensively in the conflict-ravaged eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since 2012. He recalled coming across people suffering from psychiatric disorders and wondered if there was any place for them to go, especially since hospital access is limited. In 2016 Brown was able to visit one of the few mental health facilities in the eastern DRC, the Brothers... More...
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Sep 21, 2016
In March 1946 all 167 residents of a small island on a remote Pacific atoll packed up their belongings and left their homes for what they were assured would be a short period during which the United States government would carry out a series of nuclear tests. 70-years later most surviving Bikini islanders have yet to set foot on the island paradise from which they were evacuated. Michael Christopher... More...