Magnum Photos Event
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by Magnum Group


Sep 17 - Nov 9 2014


Magnum Print Room

63 Gee Street

London, EC1V 3RS


The Magnum London Print room is pleased to announce the opening of ‘The Theatre of War’ and exhibition of photographs dedicated to the work of some of the newest members of Magnum: Peter Van Agtmael, Moises Saman, Jerome Sessini and limited edition posthumous prints by the late Tim Hetherington, whose Estate joined the agency after his death in Libya in April 2011. This will be the first time these photographers have been shown together and for many their first exhibition in the UK.

The exhibition will also feature a number of vintage photographs by early members of Magnum covering conflict including images by Robert Capa of the Spanish Civil War and WWII.

The Theatre of War addresses the subject that Tim Hetherington was exploring in his photography, when he was tragically killed, which is the self-conscious theatricality of the combatants he document as they played out their roles. Something that leading conflict photographer Moises Saman has also documented during his 5 years based in Eygpt during the Arab Spring.

Over the past 10 years, photojournalists have increasingly captured the attention of the art world as their powerfully affecting images cross over from news agencies to gallery and museum walls. This exhibition bring together a unique set of images which capture the protagonists of war and their stages - the territories over which these recent conflicts have raged: Liberia, Egypt, Syria and Libya.