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by Larry Towell


Nov 11 - Nov 11 2014


Magnum Photos Paris

19, rue Hégésippe Moreau

Paris, 75018


In response to the unprecedented success of the one-day masterclasses, Magnum Photos is proud to announce a new “ One day with…” Larry Towell!

Larry Towell very seldom comes to Paris and this year he honours us with his presence during Paris Photo and for a one-day masterclass at Magnum Photos agency in Paris.

He might be in Gaza or on his front porch, Larry Towell devotes all of his being to photography. Born in Canada and a farmer for some time, Larry Towell has a peculiar bond with the earth. He made his own belief that people and minds are shaped by the place they live in. Photographing in a way such as to poetically evoke what is inside the frame as well as trying to reveal what lies beneath and beyond, Larry Towell’s work is both organic and refined. Raw and poetic at the same time.

Don’t miss your chance to spend an entire day with him!

The course program
- Presentation of what it means to be a photographer for Larry Towell
- Projection of the photographer selected works
- Discussion panel around a friendly lunch
- Aesthetic analysis, creation of images, editing
- Examination of participants’ portfolios

What you shall bring
Digital Portfolio (15 pictures maximum), multimedia-module or book presenting your own work.

Tuition fee
160 € for one day, including a group lunch (excluding travel, accommodation and on the ground expenses).

Apply here

For queries, please contact Nicolas Ossard and Alexandre Vecchini, our Workshop Coordinators.

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