Magnum Photos Event
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by Magnum Photographers


Dec 13 - Feb 22 2014


Stephen Daiter Gallery

230 W. Superior

Fourth FLoor

Chicago, IL 60654


The real world was always in color. Around 1830 the newborn art and science of photography rebirthed it in glorious black and white ( and shades of gray ). Color, when it showed up, came haltingly, experimentally and finally triumphantly. Today, many of the biggest names in photography are best-known for their color artworks. Four of them are featured in Before The Shift. And each of these artists has his or her roots in classic silver print darkroom photography.
Gathered here are early works from the 1970s - by four modern masters - Alex Webb, Martin Parr, Lynne Cohen and Stephen Shore. Each artist has undergone a paradigm shift in moving from black and white to color in creating their later mature artistic career statements. Color built on black and white. The viewer will find interesting the relatively spare, restrained and classical approaches on display.

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